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At M2Could.Services, we enlighten businesses in their approach to Microsoft services to ensure an efficient transition to new operating models and transform their ways of working. This results in efficiency improvements across business dealings allowing our customers to get true value from their investments.

“Our Mission is to provide businesses and their employees with the technical and business change management skills so that they can gain the highest levels of value from Microsoft products and services. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for our customers.”

Matt Tierney 
Founder and Principal Consultant
Mike Zentveld
Founder and Principal Consultant

Senior IT Professional with 20 years' experience delivering special projects across the breadth & depth of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Experience counts in this space and a proven track record of successful projects is the result of balancing project, technical and business change.  With the unique ability to engage at all levels in an organisation including the essential stakeholder management skills to interface with executives and senior members of the business. 

Senior IT Professional with over 20 years' experience across complex enterprise business processes and technologies with specialist experience in infrastructure, voice, mobile and collaboration technologies. 

Experience in leading technology platform development, user productivity strategies, collaboration solutions, and managing vendor delivery performance.

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