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Microsoft 365 Change and Adoption

The modern digital workplace, underpinned by Microsoft technologies and services, has the potential to vastly increase user productivity, drive innovation and unlock insights across the organisation. However most digital workplace projects only focus on enabling the technology and not changing the way people work.

M2Cloud.Services specialises in delivering more than just a new IT technology. Through our modern people oriented Programme Management and our specialised Adoption and Change Management practice we will ensure you realise the full benefits of your modern digital workplace.

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Adoption and Proficiency.png
Improve User Productivity
  • Focus on what matters – the
    people not the technology


  • Empower a collaborative


  • Unlock insights and shared


Drive a culture of collaboration

Change Oriented Programme Management
Embrace Change
  • Project planning based on
    change not technology


  • Enable business scenarios
    through campaigns


  • Utilise an organisation wide
    project team


Plan and deliver based on
adoption and change

  • Build an organisation wide
    Change Community


  • Keep the Change Community
    alive via an Evergreen process


  • Measure and adapt the success
    of the change

Build and embrace a Change

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